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In 1996, Bump Films got it’s start in the basement of an old rental house in Seattle WA. Our first project was an instructional wakeboarding video shot on a borrowed BetaSP camera and an Arri-S.
We have since expanded our outdoor expertise. The list of events and projects we have been involved in for broadcast TV, clients and documentaries is diverse: snowboarding/skiing, marlin fishing, skateboarding, wakeboarding & waterskiing, inboard & outboard boats, motocross, mountain biking, snowmobiling, off-road racing/ATVs and even big wave surfing.
We specialize in capturing impactful images of outdoor content in dirt, water, sand, snow and remote locations. We take pride in planning and having a structured schedule. We use equipment and crew that can adapt and keep up. We go where the story takes us and bring what we need, no more no less. When the sun goes down, we will have it in the can.
We can tell your story.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words…"


In the master plan of marketing, we carry only a few pieces of the puzzle. We are not an agency. We don’t build websites, write copy or preform competitive research. We produce the best video content we can for your brand and marketing project.
If you have an idea or questions, by all means please contact us, we will be more than happy to talk it out. If you have a plan… we can execute. If you need help building a build a plan, we work with some very talented agencies and can help steer you in the right direction.



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We could boast about our super talented staff, but most of them don’t work here.
Bump Films has purposefully remained a small video production company for a reason. Overhead is always passed on to the client somewhere in the bill. We believe it's best to keep things tight and bring in the right people for the specific job at hand.

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